Display Desktop Notifications With ElectronJS

Display Desktop Notifications With ElectronJS

Quick post for a reminder on how to display desktop notification with ElectronJS. First you dont need to use node-notifier ElectronJS has it all built under the hood.

View the docs here.

There are some examples here.

I’ll just add to some points that are not listed in the docs.

!Important you first need to allow notifications when it presents you with this dialogue I clicked the cross which disables them.

You can re enable them through the notification centre on Mac under system preferences.

This is what I am using I needed mine to open an external linked after being clicked.

 * Display a desktop app notification
 * @param {*} title 
 * @param {*} body 
function showNotification(title, body, link) {
    if (Notification.isSupported()) {
        const notification = new Notification({
            title: title,
            //subtitle: '1Subtitle of the Notification',
            body: body
        notification.addListener('click', () => {
            console.log('Notification is Clicked', link);

        notification.addListener('show', () => {
            console.log('Notification is shown');
        notification.addListener('close', () => {
            console.log('Notification is Automatically Closed')

Make sure you only open fire the notification function after the main process is ready.

Also inject the Notification dependancy in the electron js head.

const {
} = require("electron");

Use it like this.

showNotification('Basic Notification', 'Notification from the Main process', 'https://example.com/browse/desktop-app');

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