About Me

My passion is developing, maintaining and managing cross platform mobile applications, seeing gaps in the market and exploiting them. With the ever expanding speed of technology my focus is finding trends, prototyping and applying an inventive approach to all my projects early delivery, continuous improvement, and rapid and flexible response to change.

I am comfortable working in an innovative, entrepreneurial environment and love to be in forward thinking creative spaces, working with other entrepreneurs learning and growing in new skills.

Media streaming has been the main focus of many of my projects working with proven solutions to build scalable and cost effective applications, both mobile and web based.

Audio has been a real passion of mine throughout my life and this shows in my ever expanding portfolio. All my apps are found on both iTunes and Google.Play under developer SoBytes Ltd.


Building applications that allow people to connect and share their creativity is what I love. Working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build fully scalable applications connecting APIs and allowing bulk media storage and streaming.

ElectronJs, NodeJs, Appcelerator, Amazon Web Services, AngularJS, Hyperloop, APIs, JavaScript, PHP,  MySQL,  jQuery, CSS, HTML5
CMS: WordPress, WordPress Plugin/Theme Development
Software: Git/Gitlab, Sublime, Photoshop