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How To Get The Width & Height Of VideoJS Player Using getComputedStyle()

Just a quick blog post this is useful when developing VideoJS plugins and it is not widely documented so posting here. var player = videojs('my_video_1', { crossOrigin: 'anonymous', inactivityTimeout: 0 }, function() { // With pixels console.log('width', getComputedStyle(player.el()).width); console.log('height', getComputedStyle(player.el()).height); // Without pixels console.log('width', parseInt(getComputedStyle(player.el()).width)); console.log('height', parseInt(getComputedStyle(player.el()).height)); });

Creating A HLS Job With Ffmpeg

The code below gives an example of how to create HLS playlist using the video encoding tool FFmpeg. It uses a FFmpeg filter to resize the video to 3 resolutions 360, 720 and 1080. It then maps each one of these to an encoding process that will specify different settings...

Media Security & Acceptance 2021

Basics In this post I would like to go through how people are downloading your media starting with the very basic and ending up in the most complex online security setups with DRM providers. I have been working as a developer focusing on Media streaming for around 10 years and...

FFmpeg Combining Adverts

I decide to have a little prototyping session and wanted to see how easy it would be to split a movie into multiple sections based on milliseconds and then insert adverts and combine it all back together in one movie. You can see my progress on GitHub. To run...